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Headed to the airport at 5AM. 4hrs on a plane. Jumped in a car and headed to a long day at work. Sound familiar? Although your day might start or look different than mine, it’s a fact that our days are busy and even organized people need help working fitness into their daily routine. In a recent article by Selene Yeager, it is stated that even exercise in 1-minute increments can have positive benefits regarding blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight management. Here are a few tips to squeeze in fitness around your busy days.

Maximize wait time: Hate standing in line? Fill the time tightening and relaxing your stomach and glute muscles. Rise up on your toes and squeeze your calves 10 times. Stretch your arms behind you and squeeze your triceps 10 times.

Desk work: New information states that sitting is the new smoking as it relates to health hazards. If you sit for long periods of time, try moving around at least 10 minutes of each hour. I will stand up during conference calls, put my phone on mute and do squats when I’m not the person presenting. A stability ball or stand up desk can also be beneficial ways to get your body moving during desk time. They can also help build core strength and reduce back pain.

Sitting in traffic: Muscles supporting bladder, bowel, and uterus can weaken as we age. While you sit in traffic, tighten your pelvic muscles (like you are holding your bladder) count to 10 and release for 10 until the light turns green or the traffic starts moving again.

Traveling: Get extra steps by taking the stair instead of the elevators. Use the stairs instead of the escalator. Walk the length of the terminal in lieu of taking the moving sidewalk or tram. Walk through the terminal a few times while you wait for your plane to board or your bags to be delivered. You’ll be amazed how many more steps you’ll get in!

Brewing your favorite drink: Take this time to get in a quick stretch. Either bend at the waist and try to touch your toes or do calf stretches again the wall or counter. Arm and back are great too!

At the Supermarket: Build arm strength and increase calorie burn by avoiding the cart and using your reusable grocery bags to shop. This will help you make better shopping choices as well!

What are some tricks you’ve done to squeeze in a little fitness?

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Mikaela Hicks is a Professional Organizer and Online Coach with Optimal Life Space. By day, she helps people transform their homes, offices, and bodies. When she's not removing clutter, you can find her writing, training for a marathon, working in her flower beds, or spending time with her granddaughter.

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