Organized Spending Habits Can Change Your Life

Most of my organization theory is based on the idea that if you have one area of your life that is disorganized it will impact/effect other areas of your life. I believe that this includes your finances.
Think about it, you can have a well-organized home, office and fitness plan but if you have more month than you do money it creates an atmosphere of anxiety and scarcity which can impact all other areas of your life.

In the summer of 2000, I was a newly divorced single mother of two young girls and I was on temporary disability while I was being treated for cancer. My husband’s income was gone and I was only making 66% of my salary which was well below poverty level. Each day I worried about where money for bills, food, gas and basic needs like medication were going to come from. My faith was at an all-time low. I had no idea what I was going to do.
I was approached by my banker. He mentioned a program called “Financial Freedom” by Dave Ramsey and strongly suggested that I invest in taking the class. It cost $100. I literally had $110 in my savings account. I argued with him that it seemed crazy for me to spend that on a class and how would this class get me out of the dilemma? He encouraged me and told me to be faithful.
I took the class and it was like a light bulb came on. For my personality, it made finances and budget click. It spoke to me. Not rocket science by any means but a simple step by step process that will get you out of debt. I responded to it immediately.
By implementing the simple steps that were outlined; I was able to begin to climb out of my situation.
Luckily, I was eventually able to go back to work full time, complete my degree and get promoted. However, throughout all these changes I followed the simple steps in the order that he outlined them and my life changed. By the time 2010 arrived I had all debt with the exception of my mortgage and car paid off and 3 months income in savings. I was taking my kids on trips, I was investing in my 401k, paying my daughter’s tuition, tithing and able to give to causes/charities in my community. I still had to sacrifice from time to time and delay my personal gratification but I slept well at night knowing that I was more secure.
There are lots of great programs out there that can help you reach financial organization. I love Dave Ramsey’s style. You can take his class on line or find a class being taught near you by going to his website:
What’s your financial passion/desire?

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About the author - Mikaela Che'lean

About the Author

Mikaela Hicks is a Professional Organizer and Online Coach with Optimal Life Space. By day, she helps people transform their homes, offices, and bodies. When she's not removing clutter, you can find her writing, training for a marathon, working in her flower beds, or spending time with her granddaughter.

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