New Year – New You

Happy New Year! January means different things to people. Some people look at it as the opportunity to start fresh. A clean slate and 12 months of unlimited opportunity. Some people set resolutions. Get fit, work less, spend more time with family, journal more, meditate or pray more, etc.

However, for some people, January is a stressful month. They overspent during the holidays and now all those bills are coming due. Your paycheck pays your bills with little to no extra for debt reduction. For some, this can take months to recover from and can set a negative tone for your hopeful New Year’s Plans!

I’d ALWAYS recommend starting a Christmas budget so you avoid this stress altogether. If you need to get your debt paid off so you can start a savings account here are a few ideas to earn some extra cash:

  1. Purge unused household items. There are multiple sites to sell used household items. I personally use Craigslist as well as local garage sales pages through FaceBook.
  2. Sell clothing that you haven’t worn in 6 months or more. Again, there are several sites to sell gently worn clothing. I use PoshMark or Threadup. Also, most likely there is a consignment store nearby where you can sell items.
  3. Have a garage sale. This, of course, might not be a convenient solution if it’s freezing outside, but if weather permits you can make some quick cash while you clean out the unnecessary stuff in your house. (I think this is a great idea regardless because most families need to purge after receiving all the new gifts in December)
  4. Join a focus group. You can earn up to $250 dollars for a couple hours input on anything from packaging to website design. Check out companies like Fieldwork or Schlesinger Associates.
  5. If you’re not squeamish, you can also sell plasma. My daughter paid for books all through college selling her plasma!
    Get your family involved to come up with some creative ideas! With a little ingenuity, you’ll have your debt paid off in no time!
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About the author - Mikaela Che'lean

About the Author

Mikaela Hicks is a Professional Organizer and Online Coach with Optimal Life Space. By day, she helps people transform their homes, offices, and bodies. When she's not removing clutter, you can find her writing, training for a marathon, working in her flower beds, or spending time with her granddaughter.

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