Disorganized? Feeling like there is never enough time for your life? family? exercise?

My passion is helping people who are stuck in a rut.

A rut of working harder, not smarter. Feeling frumpy instead of fabulous, broke instead of abundant. Are you feeling less than the best version of yourself?

Need inspiration? Read on!

Goodbye Oklahoma

As I pull onto the freeway, rain beats down on the truck. My brother-in-law, George, is in front of me, driving a 26ft truck with trailer towing my car. I’m…

New Year – New You

Happy New Year! January means different things to people. Some people look at it as the opportunity to start fresh. A clean slate and 12 months of unlimited opportunity. Some…

Sneak in Fitness

Headed to the airport at 5AM. 4hrs on a plane. Jumped in a car and headed to a long day at work. Sound familiar? Although your day might start or…

About Mikaela Che'lean

About Mikaela

Hi! I'm, Mikaela. By day, I am a Professional Organizer and Online Coach with Optimal Life Space. I help people organizationally transform their homes, offices, and bodies. When I'm not removing clutter, you can find me writing, training for a marathon, working in my flower beds, or spending time with my granddaughter.

I'm a Contributing Author!

Looking for a good book to read? I think you will enjoy Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck’s book, Goodness Abounds:  365 True Stories of Loving Kindness, available on Amazon. There are over 275 Soulful Contributors, including me!

Mikaela is a contributing author in Goodness Abounds: 365 True Stories of Loving Kindness, an Amazon Bestseller.